Making stuff makes me happy. I try to be as prolific as possible. 

My 'normal' job is Founder and CEO of Cortex, a company I started in 2015 after graduating college. We have a team of about 20 people and work with hundreds of healthcare providers in over 30 states. I spend a vast majority of my time building Cortex.

But, nights and weekends, my brain keeps going and I just want to make more stuff. I believe my core artistic style is provocative social commentary or an exploration of different materials as building blocks. If any of my art offends you, I'm only slightly sorry.

I grew up in Utah and currently reside in Salt Lake City. I have lived in Sweden, Boston and China.


  • Double Take

    I love making things that are suprising or take a second look because they are made of elements that are not obvious.

  • Social Commentary

    A lot of my pieces are about extreme capitalism and silly aspects of American culture.

  • Educational

    I'm thrilled to learn and enjoy finding ways to educate people about a wide variety of topics.

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