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Riley Adamson

Living Wall Build Guide e-Book

Living Wall Build Guide e-Book

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I spent dozens of hours building my living wall which has been seen on TikTok hundreds of thousands of times. I created this 20 page guide to hopefully save you a bunch of time on making a living wall or give you inspiration on how to do your own. I detail every product I bought, cost, location etc. And 28 steps and instructions on how to assemble. It's overall pretty comprehensive, but does expect you to have basic "maker" skills or the ability to learn them.

The Table of Contents:
Supplies Needed          page 2
Custom Acrylic Order            5
Required Tools                      7
Base Assembly                      8
Acrylic Assembly                   11
Felt Pockets                           14
Mounting Assembly              17

Supplies total to around $750. My estimate was the plants would be around $20 each for 35 pockets for a subtotal of $700. This is likely at least a $1,500 project.

Have fun! Please share with me whatever you create. I'd be thrilled to see what you make.

This digital download is a .pdf with several additional links to other files you might want to use.

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