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Riley Adamson

The Legacy Keeper: eBook Guide to Interviewing and Recording Family History

The Legacy Keeper: eBook Guide to Interviewing and Recording Family History

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I wrote this 41 page eBook to help anyone curious in recording family history. When I was 19, my Dad passed away. I was very close to him, and his passing shook my world. I felt like I had lost so much.

Driven by a desire to preserve his belongings, photos, and memories, I spent weeks writing about the times we had shared together. This experience sparked an interest in preserving memories, which became something I devoted a lot of time to thinking about.

In my 20s and 30s, I cherished the time I spent with my grandparents, asking them questions about their lives and soaking up their stories. One day, I decided to record these precious memories. I conducted individual interviews with each of my four grandparents, as well as couple interviews, ultimately recording over 20 hours of their stories. Although it was a labor of love, I also found this project to be personally rewarding. I later interviewed many of my aunts, uncles, and siblings, recognizing that life is too short, and we should cherish the time we have and the lessons learned along the way.

This rich treasure trove of family history will be cherished for generations to come, even though it was challenging to create.

I'm writing this book to help you preserve your family's history, and I genuinely hope you find it helpful.

Book is a .pdf download of 41 pages and 360 questions to ask your loved ones!

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